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Birch Performance is a 6,000 sq. ft. fitness facility that offers multiple services such as personal training, sports Performance, massage therapy, and memberships. Birch Performance opened its doors on Jan. 2nd of this year. We offer a beautiful facility with quality equipment/machines such as Cybex, BodySolid, Woodway Treadmills, Concept II Rowers, ARC trainer, artificial turf, group training, and much more. In addition, we have shower/locker rooms available for our members.

  • Cybex
  • BodySolid
  • Woodway Treadmills
  • Concept II Rowers
  • ARC Trainer
  • Artificial Turf
  • Group Training
  • + Much More

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is not only conducive to existing injuries, but it also works to prevent injuries before conditioning training and after warm-up sessions as it helps return muscles to their resting state. Some of the benefits to massage therapy include, but are not limited to, promoting muscle elasticity and flexibility, recovery time after injuries, increasing blood flow through the body, and of course, relieving muscle pain and tension.

Become a Member

Whether you’re looking at the Single Membership or the perks of personal training, we’ve got a membership option that fits your needs and your goals. All Birch Performance members can enjoy benefits like personal, sports performance, massage therapy and work out in the facilities as often as you want. And of course, our trainers are always available to offer any assistance or answer any questions on your quest to be a stronger, healthier and well-balanced individual.

Personal Training

Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned vet just looking for an edge, we take 1 on 1 training seriously. Very seriously. Birch Performance Trainers are trained in a number of sports and disciplines, which ensures that we will be able to train our athletes and members with the utmost confidence. We take a realistic approach to optimal results.




Our lines are always open and we’d love to hear from you.